The ink may still be drying on news of the worst-kept secret in motordom, the Toyota GR Supra, and already we’ve been hearing lots of opinions regarding the car’s close relation with the BMW Z4 – and not all of them positive. One big point of contention is the use of Munich-sourced engines rather than indigenous Toyota units, and already one company is readying a 2JZ engine swap that Toyota itself had predicted.

Californian tuner CXRacing has advertised a kit that will allow owners to swap over the famed bulletproof engine into the new Supra, which it says will be available for pre-orders “soon”. It also released a render showing the classic mill inside the new A90, although the finished product probably won’t look exactly like this – the car in the image carries over the entire A80 Supra engine bay (not just the engine), including the strut towers, battery (the A90’s is rear-mounted, like most BMWs), brake components and seal placement.

Compared to the B58 3.0 litre turbocharged inline-six engine used in the top-spec A90 Supra, the similarly-sized twin-turbo 2JZ-GTE used in the range-topping A80 Supra RZ is 60 PS and 50 Nm down, making a conservative 280 PS and 450 Nm in stock form. It is eminently more tuneable, however, and should be able to reliably push well north of those figures with a some handy tweaks.

While a 2JZ is easily the most oft-requested swap, we’re also curious to see if anyone will attempt to drop in BMW’s impressive new S58 mill. You know, the same 510 PS engine found in the F97 X3 M and F98 X4 M

GALLERY: A90 Toyota GR Supra