2019 Yamaha Y15ZR and NVX155 Doxou versions at the Yamaha Gen Blu Carnival at MAEPS?

Happening this Sunday, August 4, at the Malaysia Agriculture Exposition Park (MAEPS) in Serdang, Selangor is the 2019 Yamaha Gen Blu Carnival with Yamaha motorcycle related activities, concert, custom motorcycle show, test rides and stunt shows. Also on the agenda, perhaps, is the launch of the 2019 Yamaha Y15ZR and NVX155 Doxou, launched earlier this year in Vietnam.

Hong Leong Yamaha Motors has dropped a hint in the form of an Instagram post touting the launch of the Doxou with a sub-headline of “Sports Fashion Edition” to be held at the main stage. Following the trend of our ASEAN neighbours getting new releases of motorcycles and scooters before Malaysia, we assume this is the likely scenario.

What sets the Doxou edition of the Yamaha Y15ZR and NVX155 apart is the matte blue colour scheme, highlighted with copper accents. The wheels are similarly accented, with a blue painted rear wheel combined with a black front wheel adorned with a blue stripe.

Aside from that, mechanicals for both the Y15ZR and NVX155 Doxou are similar to the standard model. As we know, the Doxou bodykit has been seen on Malaysian roads as well as imitation body kits done up to look like the Doxou.

In Vietnam, the Y15ZR Doxou retails for 47.99 million Dong (RM8,847) while the NVX155 Doxou goes for 52.74 million Dong (RM9,327). For Malaysia, the Yamaha Y15ZR is priced at RM8,168 with the NVX155 going for RM9,998, without road tax, insurance or registration.