Shell Malaysia Trading has added a new viscosity grade engine oil to its Helix HX8 range in the country. The fully-synthetic HX8 0W-20 engine oil joins the 5W-30 and 5W-40 grades that were introduced in April this year. The HX8 range sits below the company’s Helix Ultra range of full-synthetics, but is a step up from the semi-synthetic HX7, offering a premium oil at affordable price.

The new oil, which features adaptive Flexi Molecule Technology, protects the engine by adapting to every driving style and condition, and promises to deliver maximum performance, improved fuel economy and better engine protection during cold starts. Benefits include lower fuel consumption, longer oil drain intervals and lower maintenance costs.

According to Shell Lubricants Marketing GM May Tan, the introduction of the low viscosity grade HX8 is in response to meet the evolving needs of the market.

“Globally, there is a continuing migration to low viscosity passenger car motor oils, with many car manufacturers converting their factory first-fill and service fill requirements to these low viscosity grade products. The new Shell Helix HX8 offers premium fully synthetic engine oil performance at an affordable price so that car owners can now give the best to their cars without compromise,” she said.

The recommended retail price for the Shell Helix HX8 0W-20 is RM199 for a four-litre pack and RM53.90 for a one-litre pack. It’s aavailable at participating Shell Helix branded workshops and Shell retail stations. naionwide – the company advises consumers to purchase the oil from these outlets and look out for the ‘Untuk Pasaran Malaysia’ label to ensure product authenticity.