Previously featured in, Bandit 9 is a custom motorcycle builder based in Vietnam and their latest creation is the Bandit 9 Eve 2020, priced at USD 11,950 (RM48,628). Produced as a limited edition work of art, only nine Eve 2020s will ever be made and orders can be made online at Bandit 9’s website.

Like the Bandit 9 Odyssey that came before it, the Eve 2020 is a mix of art deco and steam punk styling. In this particular Bandit 9 creation, luxury fashion and lifestyle house Lane Crawford of Hong Kong collaborated in the design.

Sheathed in a sleek, stainless steel torpedo body with cafe racer fairing, the Eve 2020 is essentially an Eve Lux – another Bandit 9 design – with clothing. Motive power comes from a 125 cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine, basically taken from a kapchai along with the four-speed automatic gearbox, the whole affair covered in a stainless steel cover.

Built rather more for show than go, the Eve 2020 stretches out some 2.3-metres and weighs 140 kg. Naturally all this bodywork and design bits add to the weight and the Eve 2020 has a top speed of 110 km/h.

Custom engineering abounds and is shown in the handmade aluminium brake levers, forks, exhaust, swingarm and grips. Leather is used for the teardrop saddle and all the signals, fuel tank cap and switches are custom made by Bandit 9.