NAP 2020 – policy framework and all related points

NAP 2020 – policy framework and all related points

The National Automotive Policy 2020 (NAP 2020) is set to be launched later today by prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It has previously been reported that the new NAP will be implemented in three phases until 2030, with the first phase ensuring the continuity of NAP 2014.

UPDATE: The NAP 2020 has been officially launched and the story now contains all relevant points mentioned.

  • NAP 2020 is an enhancement of NAP 2014, aiming to make Malaysia a regional leader in manufacturing, engineering and technology as well as to ensure a sustainable development of the local automotive industry.
  • National Automotive Vision formed, consists of the following five pillars: supply chain integration, local manufacturing, engineering capabilities, latest technology trend, sustainable development.
  • Customised incentives to continue as per NAP 2014, with focus on EEV- and NxGV-related activities, critical components as well as testing centres.

New elements in NAP 2020

  • Next Generation Vehicles (NxGV).
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS).
  • Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0).

NAP 2020 – policy framework and all related points


  • Develop NxGV technology ecosystem to make Malaysia the regional hub.
  • Expand the participation of domestic automotive industry in the sector of MaaS.
  • Ensure the domestic automotive industry is better equipped with new automotive paradigm closely related to IR4.0 (Industrial Revolution 4.0) development.
  • Ensure the entire ecosystem benefits from the spin-off of NxGV implementation.
  • Reduce vehicle carbon emission by improving fuel economy level in Malaysia by 2025.


  • Three directional thrusts: technology and engineering, investment, as well as market expansion.
  • Three strategies: value chain development, human capital development, as well as safety, environment and consumerism.

Roadmaps and blueprints

  • National Roadmap for Automotive & Mobility Value Chain (NRAMVC) aims at developing and enhancing the competitiveness of components suppliers of automotive and mobility value chain to be able to supply either to regional or global markets.
  • National Roadmap for Automotive & Mobility Technology (NRAMT) focuses on technology development in the aspect of EEV, NxGV, smart mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure and IR4.0 that support the development and manufacturing of automotive product and mobility ecosystem.
  • National Roadmap for Automotive & Mobility Talent (NRAMTa) outlines improved plans for the development of a competitive workforce that is fit for industry demand at all levels of manufacturing, marketing, automotive services up to the integration of mobility ecosystem.
  • National Roadmap for Automotive Aftermarket (NRAA) outlines detailed criteria through improvements of remanufacturing, standards and best practices that can be adopted by domestic automotive stakeholders to make Malaysia as an automotive remanufacturing hub in ASEAN.
  • National Blueprint for Automotive Mobility as a Service (NBAMaaS) outlines core planning of transport services and mobility solutions that are specifically tailored to accommodate development needs of Malaysia automotive industry.
  • National Blueprint for Automotive Robotics (NBAR) outlines strategies in robotic technology towards providing solutions to the issues and challenges especially in the manufacturing sector.
  • National Blueprint for Automotive Internet of Things (IoT) (NBAIoT) outlines the direction of connectivity revolution in automotive industry and marketing strategies of connected vehicles including vehicle-to-everything (V2X), autonomous vehicles, as well as safety aspects and regulations.

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    finally, waiting since 2018.
    NAP 2018 delayed until, today… still waiting at this moment..

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    Don’t expect too much from this. In my entire working lives for the past 30 years our leaders have been making stupid decisions one after another on this policy.

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