Tuners and bodykit enthusiasts may have wondered – what would the current Toyota Camry look like when aggressively widened and lowered? Thanks to rendered images from Brad Builds, we now have a rather detailed idea. Certainly not your typical family car, the redesigned Camry here boasts some serious rolling stock to go with the bodywork extensions.

Going by the badge on its boot, this is the top XSE trim level for the American market Camry, and the D-segment sedan is a good starting point for a real-life build of this 3D rendering, should such a project be undertaken; the TNGA platform offers lower hip points for its front and rear occupants, enabling a lower seating position and a lower roofline as a result, without giving up cabin space compared to its predecessor.

The front end of this rendered Camry wears massive canards and a long front splitter, here widened to also sit in line with the front wheel arches. These cover wheels which sit well proud of the original car’s bodywork thanks to their width, like the ones at the rear of the car. The tail lamps have also been given the smoked cover treatment, like the car’s headlamps.

In addition to the widened bodywork front and rear, the rear bumper also gets a larger, more aggressive rear diffuser, joined by a pair of enlarged exhaust tips. Darkened badges add to the aggressive aesthetic on this car, too. So, what do you think, dear readers? Any of you planning to commission a similarly aggressive kit for your own Camry?