Jaguar Land Rover has revealed details on its active noise cancellation technology that has been introduced in the Jaguar F-Pace, XF and Range Rover Velar, where the technology is capable of reducing unwanted noise peaks by up to 10 decibels and overall noise levels by three to four decibels, says the automaker.

The reduction in noise is equivalent to turning down the volume of the in-car audio by four ‘steps’, says Jaguar Land Rover, and the reduction in exposure to low-frequency noises ranging up to 300 Hertz can help reduce driver fatigue on longer journeys, according to a study on the effect of road traffic noise on reaction times by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Drivers who have experienced fatigue were found in the study to record an average increase in reaction times by 16.72%, compared to those who were fully alert, according to the report. The active noise cancellation system emits the cancellation sound waves through the vehicles’ Meridian sound system, which monitors and optimises the sound for all occupants in the vehicle.

The Active Road Noise Cancellation works with the Engine Noise Cancellation technology in the new F-Pace and the Range Rover Velar P400e plug-in hybrid variant to further enhance the sense of wellbeing, says Jaguar Land Rover, this way offering “a no-compromise solution to balancing refinement, vehicle weight and driving dynamics for a complete premium feel,” it says.

“Active Road Noise Cancellation technology not only has the potential to improve road safety but also wellbeing and quality of life for our customers. In a post-coronavirus world, where a ‘new normal’ is emerging, we expect customer expectations of private transport to change,” said JLR chief medical officer Dr Steve Iley.

“An extra focus will be placed on safe, clean mobility where personal space, wellbeing and hygiene carry a premium,” he said. Further developments towards occupant wellbeing include a Driver Condition Monitor, as well as cabin air ionisation with PM2.5 filtration, says Jaguar Land Rover.

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