Rolls-Royce has introduced another bespoke creation, this one dubbed the “Wraith – Inspired by Earth” model. Commissioned through Rolls-Royce Abu Dhabi, this Wraith features custom air-brushed artworks depicting an aerial view of the Middle East, as seen from space.

That’s right, folks, a satellite’s eye view of the Middle East, smack right onto the bonnet. The main attraction (at least on the exterior side of things) is centred on the United Arab Emirates, and features the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, and the Gulf of Oman.

These are all meticulously air-brushed by hand, a process which apparently consumed over 100 man-hours. Supplementing this is the Emerald Green-painted coachline, complete with the Sun and the eight planets within the Milky Way. The dominant paint colour is Royal Blue, which represents the blue ocean that make up 75% of the Earth’s surface.

Moving inside, the aesthetics are more focused on earthly elements, including the human and natural life that inhabits it. The seats are made from Moccasin leather to mimic the deserts of the Emirates, whereas the use of Navy and Cobalto Blue accents signify the rivers and lakes.

There’s also the use of Emerald Green piping, symbolising nature in all its forms. The Arctic White RR monograms and stitching, meanwhile, hint at clouds and translucent running water. The passenger dash is finished in a Piano Milori veneer that is embellished with yet another satellite image of the Middle East, but this was skillfully air-brushed to a photorealistic effect.

Lastly, the middle rear features an intricate embroidery of atmospheric clouds. This level of detail is achieved using Photoflash technology. Other bespoke features include a custom Starlight Headliner replete with all the planets of the solar system, custom treadplates, a clock with metal radial background, and inlays showing the planets in silver, with planet Earth accentuated in gold. What money can buy…