Currently crowd funding on Indiegogo is Malaysia-based firm Beno with the Reevo, with a hubless electric bicycle (e-bicycle) design, priced at 2,199 USD (RM9,050) while a Premium Pack option adds an extra battery and other accessories for 2,569 USD (RM10,575). With first deliveries scheduled for March 2021 and a host of high-tech features, the Reevo is designed for urban riding and rider convenience for short point-to-point journeys in the city.

A major design departure for the Reevo is its hubless 650 B (27.5 inch) wheel design, rated for maximum rider weight of 120 kg, with an empty space where the traditional hub-and-spoke wheel would be. Instead, the rear wheel is driven by a Reevo e-drive 750 Watt motor controlled by a handlebar throttle, fed by a lithium-ion, 10.5 Ah, 48 volt battery and speed limited to 40 km/h, with charging time claimed to be three hours giving a range of about 60 km.

Recognising city streets are a harsh environment for bicycles, electric or otherwise, the Reevo e-bicycle comes with a triple barrier antitheft system. This consists of keyless access using fingerprint recognition, electric wheel lock and GPS tracking along with a motion sensor and there three ride modes.

Rider conveniences include a detachable battery pack for remote charging, maintenance-free drive train and dashboard cradle to mount the rider’s smartphone. A unique feature of the Reevo’s hubless design is the rider can mount a small carrier bag inside the wheel using the provided attachment points.

Another Reevo design touch is autonomous LED lighting, rated at 800 lumens, that switches on automatically in low light conditions. Turn signals and flashing rear/brake lights are also standard, increasing the safety factor with riding on city streets.

The frame is made from aluminium alloy and has a single-sided front fork design, similar to the one found on the Cannondale Scalpel while other body panels are constructed of ABS plastic with a USB charging port found mounted in the battery cover. Established in 2016, Reevo is a product of Beno, or Be Innovative, with a manufacturing facility based in Bayan Lepas, Penang and a design and R & D office in Seattle, Washington, US, led by Alec Lim as chief executive officer.