After putting the motorcycle racing scene on notice in 2016 with two first place finishes in the Moto 3 category, Malaysian motorcycle racer Khairul Idham Pawi announced his retirement from racing. This follows after Khairul – better known as Super Kip to fans – had a difficult 2020 season with Petronas Sprinta Racing on the international stage.

Not only having to suffer the ignominy of not collecting a single point during the pandemic shortened race season, Super Kip also underwent surgery to amputate a finger. All this culminated in Khairul being let go from his seat in Petronas Sprinta Racing and his place taken by South African Darryn Binder for the 2021 season.

Without a contract in the offing, many are asking what Khairul’s plans are for the future. In an exclusive interview with Astro Arena, Super Kip answers that question about retiring, despite being in his early twenties.

“I want to forget about racing for the moment. I want to do what makes me happy. I want to try and help my family. That’s all I’m thinking about because for next year I want to rest and not stress myself. For me, the situation now is very difficult but I’m still OK,” said Khairul.

“As for what I will do tomorrow, whether I cut grass for a living, I will be happy because I am the first Malaysian to be a race winner in the Grand Prix (wins in Argentina and Germany in Moto 3). After this, I’ll think about what is best for me and those around me,” continued Khairul.