Perodua’s 2021 sales target set at 240k, 9% up from 2020 sales – aims to purchase RM6.5b of local parts

Perodua has set 240,000 units as its sales target for 2021. That’s a 9% increase from the 220,163 units it sold in 2020, and a repeat of the original sales target for 2020, before Covid-19 came along and forced a revision to 210k.

Perodua’s all time sales record was 240,341 units in 2019, so if this year goes well, the carmaker will celebrate its best ever sales performance come end 2021. P2 says that the 240k target was set on the back of sustained strong demand for its existing models and the sales tax exemption, which has been extended to June 30 this year.

“With the extension of the sales tax exemption to end-June 2021, recent Covid-19 vaccine developments and all our models continuing to be in demand, we believe 2021 will be the year of recovery,” said Perodua president and CEO Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad, who added that the company is expected to purchase a record RM6.5 billion worth of locally-sourced components this year.

Perodua’s 2021 sales target set at 240k, 9% up from 2020 sales – aims to purchase RM6.5b of local parts

“In addition, with 2020 ending better than previously expected for both Perodua and the industry, we are looking to increase our stock by boosting our production target to 272,000 vehicles this year – the highest in our history. This increase will replenish our stock to ensure brisk delivery this year,” he added.

Perodua’s 2021 production target is 23% increase over the 220,968 units manufactured last year, and with all its models having over 90% local parts content, Rawang remains the biggest buyer of automotive components in Malaysia, propping up a large industry. By the way, Perodua has been the Malaysian market leader for 15 successive years now, and its 2020 market share was 41.6%.

On the after sales side, Perodua is expecting its service intake to grow 20% from two million in 2020 to 2.4 million in 2021, comprising both current and new customers.

Perodua’s 2021 sales target set at 240k, 9% up from 2020 sales – aims to purchase RM6.5b of local parts

National vs non-national brands market share, 2001-2020

Today’s press release, which replaces the annual performance briefing by the carmaker, also revealed the model sales breakdown that was omitted when it announced the 2020 grand total last month. Of the 220,163 units registered last year, 66,330 were Myvis, 59,651 were Axias and 56,996 were Bezzas. P2 also sold 22,494 units of the Aruz and 14,691 Alzas.

If you combine Perodua’s dominance with Proton’s recent rise, the national brands have 62% share of the Malaysian auto market, the highest level since 2003. It wasn’t very long ago that there were concerns about the non-national brands overwhelming the local players, so what brought about the shift and what does this mean for carbuyers? More here.

No official mention of new models, but the long-awaited Perodua D55L “Rocky” SUV is expected to surface this year.

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