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Most people would love a coupe or two-door car, if you don’t take into account the practicality aspects. If you never have to ferry anyone, or if there’s a nice big SUV at home, would you really buy a Gran Coupe or Sportback? Maybe you would, and I’m out of touch, but the beauty of fewer doors can’t be denied.

Earlier this month, we were treated to the the pretty little thing that is Theophilus Chin’s rendering of an all-new Proton Satria Neo, in three-door form just like the original Mitsubishi Colt-based Satria, and the Satria Neo of the current millennium. Here’s a follow up, a five-door version of that car, simply called the Proton Satria Theo 5-Door.

Theo’s latest Satria job is based on the new Lynk & Co 02 SUV, with a front end from the Geely Emgrand S, another SUV. It’s garnished with Proton’s Infinite Weave grille and tiger badge, and this blue five-door wears a red grille accent, Proton X50-style.

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The rear end is a combination of the Lynk & Co 02 (top part) and the Geely Xing Rui sedan. This car has the same black floating roof, twin oval pipes and Proton script on the hatch, but the latter now sits above the chrome bridge that connects the tail lamps.

Theo also moved the reflectors into the diffuser piece for a cleaner rear bumper. The biggest difference though is the number plate, which moves from the bumper to the hatch. It’s a more conventional and refined look, suitable for a five-door version, I guess. I like the fact that Theo’s Neo is sporty yet clean, and more restrained compared to some of Geely’s designs. A modern Suprima S – what do you think?

Alas, this fantasy is unlikely to come true. However, Geely did say that it plans to introduce more BMA-based Proton models in the future. The platform, which the X50 uses, can accommodate wheelbase lengths of between 2,550 mm and 2,700 mm, with track widths from 1,500 to 1,600 mm. The modular base can be used for any bodystyle. Still, I’m no believer, and a three-door hatch has even less chance as even the Europeans have ditched those in their superminis.

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No point talking about potential engines when the car isn’t real, but since you guys like these things, Proton recently told that the GEP3 1.5L turbocharged engine jointly developed by Volvo and Geely will play a major role moving forward, as we’re now at the end of the CamPro VVT life cycle, and R&D has officially ended.

So, a 1.5L turbocharged five-door low-slung hatch with an interior that looks like that, at prices that Malaysians expect from Proton (that means well below RM100k, has to be cheaper than the X50 SUV) – want one? Me too. If wishes came true… then I would be that someone always special in your heart… we would still be lovers not apart, if wishes came true…

Check out the video below to see how Theo came up with this great-looking hatch (there’s an easter egg at the end), and see the tasty three-door here.