Newly appointed Malaysian Peugeot distributor, Bermaz Auto Alliance has revealed its intent to introduce a number of exciting electrified vehicles in the future. According to a recent Maybank IB Research investor report, the company wishes to offer a fully electric 3008, as well as the 508 hybrid.

Now, Peugeot currently does not have a fully electric version of the P84 3008, so the plan seems to be part of a long-term strategy. The note added that the arrival of EVs is subject to the principal’s approval, and if Malaysia’s upcoming EV policy is attractive enough to warrant the necessary investments. The government also proposed for electric vehicles to be completely exempt from import duty, excise duty and sales tax during the tabling of the Budget 2022.

Now, the next-generation electric 3008 is rumoured to be unveiled in 2023, and will ride on a brand new eVMP platform (a heavily modified EMP platform) that’s designed for electrified configurations. Peugeot has promised a range of between 400 km to 650 km on a single charge, provided by battery sizes that could range from 60 kWh to 100 kWh. This will also be used for the electric 5008.

The model that is likelier to make an earlier appearance here is the 508 Hybrid (not the mad PSE model, though). The regular 508 has been sighted in Malaysia on numerous occasions over the past few years, but never the hybrid. In its current guise, the 508 hybrid uses the new 1.6 litre PureTech four-pot that develops 180 hp, and it’s mated to an 80 kW (110 hp) electric motor for a combined output of 225 hp.

The engine is married to an e-EAT8 eight-speed automatic transmission, sending drive to the front wheels. The torque converter unit gets replaced with a hybrid-specific multi-disc clutch, which Peugeot says offers a torque increase of 60 Nm and improves responsiveness. An 11.8 kWh lithium-ion battery (operating at 300 volts) provides a range of 50 km (based on the NEDC cycle at the time), and it’s located under the passenger floor so boot space remains unaffected.

Malaysian government’s Budget 2022 EV proposal; click to enlarge

No timeline has been specified on the arrival of electrified Peugeot models, but rest assured, groundwork is being laid. BAuto said it has identified several private charging operators (an example would be ChargEV) to collaborate with, and its EV models (Kia and Mazda included) will have subscription-based plans for batteries to address cost and warranty issues. No one has done it here before, so it remains to be seen how the battery subscription model is implemented.

During the Stellantis EV Day 2021 held earlier in July, the company revealed that it plans to invest over 30 billion euros through 2025 to expand its electric car portfolio. This will see a bevy of brand new EVs get introduced in its key markets, though it remains to be seen if Stellantis will produce any at its Gurun assembly plant, which it recently acquired in full from Naza.