Goodyear Malaysia has officially launched the new Assurance MaxGuard SUV tyre in Malaysia. The latest Assurance model is specially made for the Asia Pacific region, and it’s available for wheel sizes ranging from 16 to 19 inches, with a total of 15 variants to suit many popular SUVs in the region. Prices start from RM375.

The Assurance MaxGuard SUV is, according to the company, a superior tyre compared to the Wrangler TripleMax. The difference between the Assurance and Wrangler ranges is that the former line-up is now categorically made for on-road use, whereas the all-terrain Wrangler series is designed for better off-road performance.

New to the Assurance MaxGuard SUV tyres is what Goodyear calls its two-in-one protection technology, known as ActiveGrip and DuraGuard. ActiveGrip is said to provide 17% better wet braking performance compared to the TripleMax. It also boasts a best-in-class wet braking distance compared to three other unnamed competitors.

Wet handling characteristics are also up by 25%, thanks to a redesigned tread pattern with vertical serrations that maximise grip. The tyres also feature a wider, more squared contact patch that not only improves grip, but gives a more even wear profile compared to rivalling tyres.

This makes the tyres last longer, according to Goodyear Asia Pacific product director, Jenner Powell. He also expressed confidence that the tyres will meet the expected lifespan of between 40,000 km to 60,000 km, though this varies depending on the weight of the SUV and driving styles.

SUV tyres are prone to premature wear and damage due to the weight of the vehicle. This is seemingly tackled with Goodyear’s DuraGuard technology, which utilises a two-ply construction that is reinforced with a strong steel belt package to improve shock resistance. It’s also designed to better withstand cuts and punctures from road debris.

Besides that, the Assurance MaxGuard is also said to offer a quieter ride, achieved by incorporating angled block design in its tread pattern, along with noise-reduction rib and narrower grooves.

Goodyear Malaysia managing director, Alex Ng said: “We are very excited to introduce Assurance MaxGuard SUV to the Malaysian market. We know many Malaysian drivers are family-orientated and want the best products to ensure safety. At the same time, we recognise that they are looking for comfort.”

“The Assurance MaxGuard SUV is a significant expansion of our product portfolio for SUV vehicles in providing a more pleasurable driving experience,” he added.

Like other Goodyear Assurance models, the MaxGuard SUV tyre comes with the company’s Worry Free Assurance, which includes aftersales coverage such as six-months road hazard protection and five-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. It is now available at all Goodyear Autocare Centres nationwide, including the Goodyear Lazada Flagship store.