Toyota Motor Corporation has done the unthinkable – it has finally dethroned General Motors as the bestselling auto brand in the United States of America. This is a first in 90 years, and GM’s slump to second place has to do with production challenges caused by the chip crunch, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The Japanese automaker reportedly sold 2.332 million vehicles in the US through 2021, a strong 10% increase over its 2020 performance. GM is approximately 114,000 vehicles shy of that at 2.218 million cars, or a 13% dip from the year before (2.55 million vehicles).

A spokesperson from GM told CNN Business: “The semiconductor shortage, among other things, created an unprecedented set of circumstances in 2021. Even so, GM extended its lead in full-size pick-ups and SUVs. And 2022 begins with a gradually improving supply chain, and that should lead to growth in 2022 as we launch several new vehicles — including EVs and redesigned pick-ups.”

How is Toyota reacting to the news? Well, Toyota Motor North America senior vice president, Jack Hollis said the company is “grateful” for its loyal customers, but added that “being number one is never a focus or priority.”

It’s neither boastful of the achievement, nor confident that it can stay at the top. Hollis also said the company has no plans to use the 2021 accomplishment for any kind of advertising, Reuters reports. Toyota had been credited by analysts for weathering the chip shortage better than other automakers.