This is some escape. We see so many accidents these days, thanks to dashcams being everywhere, but this one is rather unusual. It’s quite dramatic, it’s posted up by the driver himself, and there’s actually no accident at the end. Which is pretty surprising given the circumstances.

The video starts off at a traffic light junction, and judging from the buildings around such as Mah Sing’s Icon Residence, this is in Dutamas, behind Publika. The lights turn green and the Mercedes C63 AMG camcar goes for it. It’s a slope and you can’t see the traffic ahead, but traffic is what he saw right after the crest.

It’s a big bumper-to-bumper traffic jam, and it’s at this moment when the driver releases an ‘Oh!’. To his credit, the driver immediately knew that it’s too short a distance to brake to a stop, so he went for the drain. I meant kerb (must be the Eurobeat). The Merc then straddles the kerb before cutting into traffic, with ‘jialat jialat jialat’ overlaying the fast beats.

This is billed as a near miss, and it is. It’s a combination of instinct and luck. As the Merc dived to the left, the first car in the queue (white Myvi) was aligned to the right and there was just enough space to squeeze in. Also, there was enough space between the traffic and the road furniture, and no bikes.

At the end of the video, the driver showed off his unscathed Merc after the light off-roading misadventure, but others might not be so lucky. Let’s take this as a reminder not to speed into a crest, as we don’t know what lies ahead. It’s the same common sense for blind corners. A cautious speed gives leeway to react should there be an obstacle or traffic jam immediately after the peak.

Do you know of other blind crests? We can think of one on the NKVE, Klang-bound after Shah Alam. Anyway, why so fast?

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