Here’s an unsavoury incident that unfortunately, is getting more common these days. We’re talking about road rage and angry confrontations on the road. Twitter user @syats shared this one, which she said happened to her yesterday on the NKVE heading to Shah Alam.

The aggressor, driving an old Honda City with the number plate WUG 285, “tailgated me for 3+ km and then stopped his car on the middle lane to block mine. He also continued to chase me thereafter, and threw things at my car,” @syats said.

The dashcam footage showed that the City driver came to a complete stop in the middle lane of the busy highway, which endangers everyone. He then alights from his car to confront the camcar driver, and an argument ensues – you can hear the back and forth in the video. Just to warn you that there’s foul language involved, so if you have kids around or something…

Later, the City’s passenger, a woman, also came down from the car. Yes, this is in the middle of the NKVE. It was then that the camcar moved off. The City gave chase and caught up with the camcar twice, and we can see angry hand gestures.

“He continued to curse and chase until just before the Bukit Raja toll exit. He had an elderly lady (I assumed was his mother) and a couple of kids in the car with him as he raged on. I hate to think of what goes on at home for the kids. Please be careful when you drive,” @syats added.

It must have been a lot of anger for him to not let go. There are always two sides of a story and we don’t know the background – the camcar or her male passenger could have offended the City driver in some way, and perhaps some displeasure was shown (horn or some choice finger language, just guessing), but whatever it is, it’s not worth going viral and having the cops knock on your door. Keep calm and carry on. Easier said than done, but try we must.

What to do when you’re a “victim” in a road rage situation? If there’s no escaping the situation, try to “hold your fire” and not further poke the bear. Who’s right, who’s wrong – it really doesn’t matter. If an apology can diffuse the situation, do that and get home safe.