Honda e:N2 Concept unveiled in China; modelled after e:N Series concepts on exclusive e:architecture F

Honda e:N2 Concept unveiled in China; modelled after e:N Series concepts on exclusive e:architecture F

Honda has unveiled the e:N2 Concept at the China International Export Expo in Shanghai, China, and this concept is from the Japanese manufacturer’s second set of e:N Series models that will show the brand’s future direction in EV styling.

The e:N2 Concept wears sharp lines and acute angles on its exterior, which contrasts with the slightly less angular e:NS1 and e:NP1 – essentially EV versions of the HR-V for China – along with the more rounded Honda e hatchback, and the e:N2 Concept aims to bring “new styling that does not belong to any existing categories,” says Honda.

Styling of the e:N2 Concept draws from the e:N Series concepts unveiled last October, where the e:N2 Concept employs a front-end treatment that resembles those of the e:N SUV Concept, e:N GT Concept and the e:N Coupe Concept with their full-width lighting elements terminating in upright sections at each side. This is echoed in its wheelarches and at the rear too, which draw from the e:N SUV Concept.

According to Honda’s description, the interior of the e:N2 Concept was designed to be “a space where occupants can enjoy intellectual exhilaration”, through the use of an uncluttered digital cockpit, the latest Honda Connect services as well as ambient lighting and scents, said Honda.

The e:N2 Concept is underpinned by the carmaker’s e:architecture F that has been developed exclusively for its e:N Series of electric vehicles, and its adoption will see the integration of hardware, software and EV platforms, which Honda plans to roll out from the second half of the 2020s, the carmaker previously said.

“The e:N2 Concept represents the value of our e:N Series, which will redefine the fun EVs can offer to customers with their unique driving pleasure, the value as a mobility space and design. In China, Honda will continue delivering a broad range of electrified mobility products unique only to Honda and experience our rebirth into an electric mobility brand,” said Honda president and director Toshihiro Mibe.

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