BYD Atto 3 – 500 units of EV SUV heading for Malaysia

BYD Atto 3 – 500 units of EV SUV heading for Malaysia

Chinese manufacturer BYD has announced that 500 units of the Atto 3 electric SUV has recently commenced their journey to Malaysia for customer deliveries, according to the BYD Asia Pacific Facebook page.

Launched in Malaysia last December, the Atto 3 for this market comes in two variants – the Standard Range with a 49.92 kWh battery, and the Extended Range with a 60.48 kWh battery, priced at RM149,800 and RM 167,800 respectively.

Just 10 days after its launch, the Atto 3 electric SUV surpassed the 1,000-unit mark on its order books. Passenger vehicles from the brand are sold in Malaysia through BYD SD Motors Malaysia as part of Sime Darby Motors (SDM), with the distributorship agreement between both parties having been signed in September 2022.

The Atto 3 in Standard Range form is rated for a maximum range of 345 km on the WLTP testing protocol, while the Extended Range variant does up to 420 km WLTP. Both feature Blade EV batteries which the manufacturer has developed in-house, and both power a front-mounted electric motor rated to produce 204 PS and 310 Nm of torque. Both SR and ER variants do the 0-100 km/h run in 7.3 seconds.

Use of 400 V electrical architecture in the Atto 3 enables AC charging via Type 2 cable at up to 7 kW and DC fast charging at up to 70 kW for the Standard Range or 80 kW for the Extended Range, where DC fast charging allows a 0-80% recharge to be achieved in 45 minutes.

Standard kit for the Atto 3 Standard Range includes a panoramic sunroof, heated electric wing mirrors, 5.0-inch digital instrument panel, faux leather seats, six-way powered driver’s seat (four-way for passenger), 360-degree camera, tyre pressure monitor, electronic parking brake with auto hold, LED headlamps and rear lights and adaptive front lights.

BYD Atto 3 – click to enlarge

Next up, the Extended Range adds an electronic tailgate, multi-colour gradient rhythmic ambient lighting on the door handles (single colour on the SR) and eight speakers with “Dirac HD” sound, PM2.5 air filter and a wireless phone charger. Rolling stock distinguishes the two; the SR rolls on 215/60 R17 tyres, while the ER wears 215/55R18 rubber.

In Malaysia, The BYD Atto 3 is sold with a six-year, 150,000 km factory warranty, while the Blade EV battery has a separate eight-year, 160,000 km warranty. Meanwhile, the drive unit in the Atto 3 gets its own warranty as well, with eight-year, 150,000 km coverage for the motor, motor controller, DC assembly and electric control assembly.

GALLERY: BYD Atto 3 Extended Range in Malaysia

GALLERY: BYD Atto 3 launched in Malaysia

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  • Rim curber on Jan 12, 2023 at 2:05 pm

    cbu from thailand or china?

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  • Made In China on Jan 12, 2023 at 4:20 pm

    I’m proud to be Chinaman. We will soon conquer the world’s car market.

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  • Elon Fanboi on Jan 12, 2023 at 4:39 pm

    China’s car tech was so advanced, it has already left behind our ancient car technology from our own local brand.

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  • ProtonTidur on Jan 12, 2023 at 5:58 pm

    In the old days, mana Proton EV?
    Today, mana Geely EV?

    The interesting fact is that BYD is leading the electric car market in China, while Geely is not even interested in it.

    This also means that Najib’s decision to sell Proton to Geely Group was a serious mistake. Najib should have had the vision that the future is electric cars and Proton should have been sold to BYD.

    Last by not least, GG “Geely x Proton”.

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    • Anonymous on Jan 13, 2023 at 7:41 pm

      “The interesting fact is that BYD is leading the electric car market in China, while Geely is not even interested in it.”


      Dig a little deeper. You are forgetting how big Geely is. Zeekr and Geometry are both all-electric brands by Geely. Jidu is a Geely-Baidu joint venture brand that will be making EVs. Geely transformed the London Taxi company to become the London EV company, replacing their taxi fleet with EVs. Geely is also responsible for Polestar becoming an all-electric car company. Geely even makes electric commercial vehicles under the brand name Farizon. In 2021 Geely announced the SEA platform – an open-source modular EV platform for all vehicle types. It is a sucessor to the PMA they developed with Volvo, and is also an all-EV platform.

      They’ve stuck their noses into a lot of EV stuff for a company that’s “not interested” in EVs, no?

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  • This car will breakdown like china phone or not?

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  • Ah Chong on Jan 13, 2023 at 8:21 am

    Actually curious. Does this mean no maintenance other than the usual tire alignment and balancing, and to replace wear and tear parts once they are bad?

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    • There will still be maintenance required but at much lower intervals. My EV’s first service is at 15,000 km (or 12 months). During that 1st service, I am required to do alignment & balancing and service the air cond. Other maintenance items include coolant replacement (much later in the lifespan) and electric motor lubrication (after 5 years I think).

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      • Made In China on Jan 14, 2023 at 6:20 pm

        That’s normal. Just no maintenance for engine, gearbox and any related parts to them.

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