DC Handal – six DC charging locations now online, no app needed, pay via card on site, RM1.50 per kWh

DC Handal – six DC charging locations now online, no app needed, pay via card on site, RM1.50 per kWh

New electric vehicle DC charge point operator DC Handal has announced that it has installed multiple chargers at six new locations, five of which are in the Klang Valley, opening up more fast charging options for EV owners.

The locations of the six DC charging points and their capacities are:

No app is needed for access to the DC Handal charging network, with users able to pay for charging on-site via credit card. The rate listed on PlugShare is RM1.50 per kWh, and users should take note that parking charges also apply at some of these locations.

Given the proximity to our office, the KemPower DC chargers at UOA Business Park, Glenmarie, were the first to be sighted last month as they were being installed. The Kempower units are the same brand of charger hardware used by Gentari in Bangi Golf Resort and Petronas KLIA, as well as by ChargEV in Berjaya Times Square.

There is no mention of the Wisma MCA site in downtown KL, which appeared on PlugShare when we checked for sites with the DC Handal name last month. The particular site, which will have three Kempower units offering 150 kW of charging capacity, is still listed under “coming soon.”

As noted earlier, the new CPO appears to be a subsidiary of Handal Indah, which is a bus provider in Johor. The company has previously expressed interest in green mobility, signing a MOU with Gentari to set up an EV bus charging network.

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  • Elon the musketeer on Oct 16, 2023 at 7:32 pm

    Until the EV chargers are everywhere,I dont see whats the hurry to buy EV.
    Before u go outstation,u r constantly looking for “reliable” charging stations.
    What happens when u notice your charge is less than 10%,n your charging station is not working at that particular location? Call Elon Musk?

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  • Nizam on Oct 17, 2023 at 12:07 pm

    I like the idea of using a charge station in a similar manner to a petrol station; without apps and via cashless payment. Maybe can do one where can prepay the amount of charge like a normal petrol station.

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