Proton sold 154,611 units in 2023, highest since 2012 – up 9.3% from 2021, 19.4% share; Saga, X50 best sellers

Proton sold 154,611 units in 2023, highest since 2012 – up 9.3% from 2021, 19.4% share; Saga, X50 best sellers

Proton has announced that it sold 12,711 units in December 2023, bringing the national automaker’s final sales tally for the year to 154,611 units (domestic and export), a 9.3% increase over the 141,432 units it managed in 2022. The result marks the company’s best sales performance since 2012.

The numbers are good enough to maintain its second-place ranking in overall sales for the year, making it the fifth consecutive year it has accomplished the feat. As for market share, the company calculates it to be 19.4% on the back of an improved total industry volume estimated at 794,948 units, which is approximately 10.3% more than 2022’s TIV.

In terms of model specific numbers, the company said that a rebound in demand for the PIES models (Persona, Iriz, Exora and Saga) powered the sales growth last year. No surprise to find that the Saga leading the line yet again for the brand. The company’s best-selling model shifted to the tune of 70,184 units, making for its best performance since 2012.

Those numbers – which are up from the 55,878 units sold in 2022 – also made the Saga the fourth best-selling vehicle in Malaysia for 2023. However, the honour of having the highest percentage gains goes to the Persona. After suffering severe production issues due to chip supply shortages in 2022, sales of the B-segment sedan rebounded by 48.9% to 24,362 units, placing the model second in its class.

Sales of the Iriz also improved in 2023, with the hatchback seeing a 33.8% increase in sales to 7,639 units last year. Meanwhile, the Exora signed off with a sales increase of 4.6%, ending the year with 4,473 units sold.

The X-series SUVs continued to plug away for the automaker. A total of 31,829 units of the X50 were sold locally and in export markets last year, while the X90 – which was launched last May – finished the year with 4,815 units sold. As for the X70, it contributed 11,200 units to the cause.

No big numbers of course for the S70 sedan, because the swing of customer deliveries only begin this year. Only 109 units were delivered in 2023, but the company said it expects the model to contribute to its total sales numbers considerably this year, given the more than 5,000 bookings it has received for the car so far.

Proton CEO Li Chunrong said the company was thankful for the warm reception by Malaysians towards it products, as reflected by the numbers. “This success is a testament to our commitment to delivering more than just affordable vehicles as we also emphasise stylish design, advanced technology and a strong commitment to safety in all Proton models. Looking ahead to 2024, we are confident that we will sustain this momentum, supported by the introduction of our new model, the S70,” he said.

The company also said 2023 was a year in which it made significant strides in customer engagement, doing so by improving the customer brand experience at showrooms and after-sales service centres, aimed at drawing in new buyers as well as building loyalty and improving retention amongst existing owners.

“We recognise the journey we’ve undertaken thus far, and beyond delivering quality vehicles, we understand the significance of providing pride of ownership with owners. Our dedication to improving after-sales service and parts has played a crucial role in reaching this milestone. Proton remains steadfast in its commitment to continuous improvement and resolute in meeting and surpassing expectations of our customers,” said Proton deputy CEO Roslan Abdullah.

What’s coming from the national carmaker this year? On the cards are the X70 and X50 facelifts, but what else? Read our take on what we can expect from the brand this year.

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  • Tesla Successor on Jan 03, 2024 at 3:16 pm

    Fermi = Proton first EV

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  • Phaser on Jan 03, 2024 at 3:23 pm

    Strong performance in a competitive market, though it should also be noted the gap to Perodua increased with the latter shifting 330k vehicles. Thus far, it looks like the Daihatsu safety scandal has not tarnished customer confidence in the P2 brand, but all that could change if a global recall is initiated. Also, with Toyota selling over 100k vehicles again in 2023 and Honda due to ride the crest of a new model wave with City, WR-V, HR-V and now CR-V, is Malaysia on the way to 800,000+ TIV this year?

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    • Veyron Owner on Jan 03, 2024 at 3:39 pm

      Somethings just dun change.. Brittle plastik door handles. Proton waja & X50 …

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    • Albert Einstein said,Never work hard,but work smart on Jan 03, 2024 at 3:41 pm

      So P2 has double the sales figures of Protong,and P2 dudes r surprisingly low profile.
      P1…dont blow your own trumpet.When u only reach Bukit Gasing,dont trumpet as if u reached Mt Everest.
      Self praise is international disgrace.
      Let your numbers do the talking.At this rate,Protong will be playing second fiddle to Perodua for another decade.
      So,there’s really nothing so spectacular about P1 sales.
      The only consolation is Geely has prevented Msian taxpayers from further multi billion dollar bailouts.

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      • Cicak kubin masuk baju saya on Jan 03, 2024 at 7:16 pm

        Yeah right, be like perodua, quietly lying about safety since 1989

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      • Ruslan Bahari on Jan 03, 2024 at 7:45 pm

        You may say it is insignificant, but to move that number of cars from the depths of the issues they faced pre-Geely speaks tonnes about the company. Takes bold decision making, risky choices and firm management skills.

        They’re of course still having issues but who isn’t? Perodua continues to rebadge and thus whatever mistakes their donor company makes, they will be affected as well.

        It would be interesting to see how Proton reacts to their current issues. There is still palpable concern over their parts supply, and of course the longevity of their cars.

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      • Einstein on Jan 04, 2024 at 4:45 pm

        I will just leave this here

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