Porsche Taycan facelift open for booking in Malaysia – 7 variants of the EV incl Cross Turismo, from RM575k

Porsche Taycan facelift open for booking in Malaysia – 7 variants of the EV incl Cross Turismo, from RM575k

The Porsche Taycan facelift is now open for booking in Malaysia. Announced in February this year, the very light facelift (but with massive powertrain improvements) of Zuffenhausen’s first EV is currently on display at the Porsche World Roadshow event at Sepang International Circuit.

The Taycan facelift range starts from RM575,000 for the base car, going all the way to RM1.06 million for the range-topping Turbo S. No TS for the Cross Turismo shooting brake bodystyle, which ranges from RM625,000 for the ‘4’ to RM915,000 for the Turbo. As before, these are CBU EVs with incentives, which make the Taycan a relative bargain for the performance on tap.

  • Taycan – RM575,000
  • Taycan 4S – RM675,000
  • Taycan Turbo – RM905,000
  • Taycan Turbo S – RM1,060,000
  • Taycan 4 Cross Turismo – RM625,000
  • Taycan 4S Cross Turismo – RM700,000
  • Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo – RM915,000

Porsche Taycan facelift open for booking in Malaysia – 7 variants of the EV incl Cross Turismo, from RM575k

The Taycan’s same-same exterior hides a raft of upgrades, including weight reductions by up to 15 kg. Porsche also tweaked the inverter and thermal management system to eke out extra miles, on top of adding a new rear motor and heat pump.

The Taycan also gets regenerative braking that’s 30% more powerful, now pulling up to 400 kW of kinetic energy to provide greater retardation without using the friction brakes. The result of this is that despite a fairly marginal increase of battery capacity from 93 kWh to 105 kWh (with the Performance Battery Plus option), the claimed range has seen a massive improvement.

Yes, massive. The base RWD 408 PS Taycan gets from 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, which is six tenths faster than before, and range has jumped from 503 km to 678 km. The 544 PS 4S cars do the century sprint in 3.7 seconds (three tenths faster) and range is up from 510 km to 643 km.

Further up, the 884 PS Turbo’s 0-100 km/h time is 2.7 seconds (half a second faster) while range is up from 506 to 630 km. The craziest one, the 932 PS Turbo S, takes a mere 2.4 seconds to 100 km/h (0.4s faster) and it’ll still do 630 km in the WLTP cycle (from 467 km).

Porsche Taycan facelift open for booking in Malaysia – 7 variants of the EV incl Cross Turismo, from RM575k

Also faster is the DC charging speed, which has increased from the already-fast 270 kW of the current car to 320 kW. The charging curve has been improved too, and the Taycan is now able to sustain an input of over 300 kW for up to five minutes. As a result, the charge time from 10 to 80% for the Performance Battery Plus has been slashed by four minutes to just 18 minutes, despite the 12% increase in battery capacity.

Elsewhere, all Taycans now come with air suspension, dispensing with the standard steel springs. A new option on the all-wheel-drive models is Porsche Active Ride roll stabilisation, which can even make the car lean into corners, motorcycle-style. The system also lifts the Taycan by 55 mm when the doors are opened to aid entry and egress.

As before, you can spec your car with options that include Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus, with an electronic locking rear differential) and rear-wheel steering. You also get a choice of steel (with a tungsten carbide coating) or carbon ceramic brakes, but new pads reduce residual brake torque right after lifting off the pedal, helping reduce rolling resistance.

Full read on the Taycan facelift’s design, tech and cabin changes here.

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  • Mike Tee on Jun 20, 2024 at 12:28 pm

    One of the best EV you can buy and yet one of the worst for depreciation. Wait 2-3 years to pick one up at huge discount and battery SoH is still >90%, and will not go much below this after.

    Buy them >RM700k new and you lose >RM10,000 a month for the first 36 months.

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  • ROTI CANAI on Jun 20, 2024 at 2:42 pm

    got tesla got byd say taknak to yahudi lapsap like this. welcome xiaomi soon

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    • xiaomeme on Jun 21, 2024 at 8:40 am

      xiaomi will fail anyway, since all they gonna do is putting ads on cars anyway

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  • James KWON on Jun 20, 2024 at 7:27 pm

    the best 800V EV in the world.

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