Proton-Geely FSP Archive (Page 2)

  • Geely’s revitalisation of Volvo augurs well for Proton

    Zhejiang Geely offered an insight into the company’s background at the announcement of the Proton-Geely deal yesterday, and one of the presentation slides made note of Volvo Cars and of its revival and current growth, […]


  • Tun Mahathir saddened by Proton-Geely agreement

    Former Proton chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has shared his thoughts relating to the recent Proton-Geely deal in a posting on his personal blog. Describing Proton as his “child,” he stated that with the done […]


  • Zhejiang Geely – a brief insight into Proton’s FSP

    At the announcement of the Proton-Geely deal, officials from Zhejiang Geely were present to provide the media with a little insight into the company’s background. Here’s a bit of trivia to start: the company was […]


  • Proton-Geely FSP bidding process, criteria in detail

    Now that the Proton-Geely deal has been confirmed, DRB-Hicom took some time after the signing ceremony to explain the bidding process involved in the selection of a foreign strategic partner (FSP) for the national carmaker. […]


  • Proton to receive RM1.1 billion as R&D reimbursement

    During a Q&A session after the signing of the Geely-Proton deal, second finance minister Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani has said the government will reimburse Proton RM1.1 billion for the amount it has spent on […]


  • Proton SUV gets rendered based on Geely Boyue

    . It was recently revealed that Proton would be given access to the Geely Boyue SUV platform, as part of its deal with the Chinese automaker. This will see the development of Proton’s first-ever SUV, […]


  • Proton-Geely FSP: what Proton offers & what it needs

    During the signing ceremony of the Proton-Geely deal, the national carmaker also took the time to list out what it can offer in the partnership. Proton said that with its long-established presence in Malaysia, it […]


  • Geely: Proton R&D to be a global centre of excellence

    Geely isn’t taking things lightly when it comes to elevating Proton as a carmaker, and has revealed it will develop Proton’s R&D to become one of its global centre of excellence. The move will add […]


  • Proton-Geely FSP: Shah Alam operations to relocate to Tg Malim – 250-acre land to be transferred to DRB

    During a Q&A session following the signing of the Geely-Proton FSP deal, it has been revealed that Proton will fully relocate its Shah Alam operations to Tanjung Malim within the next five years. As such, […]


  • Proton-Geely FSP: Volvo assembly in Tanjung Malim?

    Earlier today, DRB-Hicom announced that it had reached an agreement with Zhejiang Geely for the Chinese carmaker to acquire a 49.9% equity stake in Proton. Both parties expect to sign the definitive agreement for the […]



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