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  • Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda’s email to employees

    More updates on the potential break-up of American-German automotive giant DaimlerChrysler. DaimlerChrysler recently announced it might sell off the Chrysler group, viewed by some as going back on it’s word for commitment in making the […]


  • DaimlerChrysler has eyes on weight reduction

    One disturbing trend for those concerned with both performance and fuel economy is that cars have gotten more and more heavier over the years. Compare the original Mk1 Golf GTI to the latest Mk5 version, […]


  • DaimlerChrysler might drop Chrysler Group

    DaimlerChrysler today announced that it is open to the possibility of dropping the loss-making Chrysler group from it’s organization structure, or finding new partners for the American automotive group. Previously, DCX stood by Chrysler with […]


  • New Mercedes Benz Pricelist (19 January 2007)

    DaimlerChrysler Malaysia has updated the prices of it’s Mercedes Benz passenger cars, in both CKD and CBU form. This follows the recent reduction in excise duty for vehicles above 3,000cc, so expect only the high […]


  • Mercedes Benz E-Class Facelift in Malaysia

    UPDATE: Facelifted W211 Mercedes-Benz E230 Test Drive Review Earlier this month, DCM launched the latest facelifted Mercedes-Benz E-Class which boasts about 2,000 design and engineering changes. In Malaysia, the new E is available in E200 […]


  • New 2007 Mercedes Benz C-Class (W204) Unveiled

    The current W203 C-Class has been on the road since the year 2000, and has already been facelifted. Despite being so old, the post-facelift model still manages not to look dated on Malaysian and international […]


  • DaimlerChrysler files for CLC-class trademark

    DaimlerChrysler filed for the CLC-class trademark in the USA back in May 2006 and recently this month it has been published for opposition. The CLC-class trademark was registered for both class 012 – Automobiles and […]


  • Mercedes Benz Concept Ocean Drive design study

    DaimlerChrysler AG has released photos of the new 4-door cabriolet concept based on the Mercedes Benz S-class. Called the Concept Ocean Drive, DaimlerChrysler says it is an open invitation to go on a “topless” cruise […]


  • Rotary-powered Mercedes Benz C111 Concept

    Let’s take a blast to the past for once. The wedge-like car above with an orange colour scheme is the Mercedes Benz C111 Concept car, shown to the public ages ago at the 1969 Frankfurt […]


  • End of production for W203 C-Class

    We can say goodbye to the W203 Mercedes Benz C-Class now, as the last of it’s production rolled off Mercedes Benz’s plant in Sindelfingen, 15km south west of Stuttgart, Germany. This particular generation of the […]