• Nissan and Chrysler in technical collaboration talks

    Nissan and Chrysler are current exploring the possibilities of a technical collaboration to help each other with new vehicle development. Nissan is interested in leveraging on Chrysler’s full-size truck expertise, while Chrysler is interested in […]


  • BorgWarner R2S sequential VGT turbocharger

    BorgWarner has developed a new integrated 2-stage turbocharger called the R2S system, which uses two differently sized turbochargers in a sequential arrangement. The smaller of the two turbochargers is a smaller conventional unit that provides […]


  • Irankhodro to lead Islamic car project

    Iran’s Irankhodro will spearhead the development of the proposed “Islamic car” to be built only in Islamic states for Muslim markets, announced its chief executive Manouchehr Mantheghi on the 12th of December 2007. A meeting […]


  • Daimler to start turbocharger business

    Daimler AG is starting up a new turbocharging business, and aims to become Europe’s third-largest turbocharger supplier in 3 to 5 years. The company currently gets 50% of its turbochargers from IHI Charging Systems, while […]


  • Volkswagen space up! blue Concept

    The Volkswagen space up! blue is the third in the range of New Small Family concepts that include the Volkswagen up! concept and the Volkswagen space up! concept. The blue suffix on this concept refers […]



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