• Volkswagen announces new 7-speed DSG gearbox

    BorgWarner and Volkswagen has developed a new DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) gearbox codenamed DQ200 which will succeed it’s current DG250 6-speed DSG gearbox from BorgWarner. One major difference relevant to the consumer would be it’s […]


  • Volkswagen’s new Golf GT Sport trim level

    Perhaps after finding out that most Golf Sport buyers have similiar profiles to the Golf GT’s and vice versa, Volkswagen decides to merge the Golf Sport and Golf GT trim levels, creating a single Golf […]


  • SEAT plans 2009 SEAT Protecto sedan and estate

    SEAT is developing a new C/D-segment model, making the car one of the first few large sedans in the SEAT model range. SEAT’s model range currently consists of A-segment, B-segment and C-segment hatchbacks, with the […]


  • BMW might sell engines to other manufacturers

    BMW is considering selling their engines to other car manufacturers who would like to use them in their cars. This new plan is spearheaded by new CEO Norbert Reithofer, in efforts to increase BMW earnings. […]


  • Porsche’s mini Cayenne: Porsche Roxster

    Autobild reported that Porsche will be building a smaller version of it’s Cayenne SUV based on the Audi Q5 and Volkswagen Tiguan, in a classic Porsche-VAG platform sharing tradition that was used with the Cayenne-Touareg-Q7 […]


  • Kia unveils Kia Picanto Facelift

    Kia has given their Kia Picanto A-segment product a mid-life facelift in efforts to keep it fresh until the next generation Picanto is released. The new facelifted Kia Picanto takes on many design cues from […]


  • Proton Savvy Accident in Singapore

    Just in case you’re wondering how the undercarriage of the Proton Savvy looks like, here’s a photo on the left. Now, why did this Proton Savvy turtle? This accident happened in Singapore on Lornie Road […]


  • Geely begins Geely CK1 sales in Indonesia

    The Geely CK1, who used to sport a W203 Mercedes Benz C-Class front end but has been recently revised has just made it’s debut in Indonesia last week. It is sold by PT Gaya Motor, […]



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