• New BMW Isetta prototype spotted on test?!

    A prototype of BMW’s upcoming new BMW Isetta city car has been spotted on test in our very own backyard in Petaling Jaya! This white BMW Isetta was traveling without much camouflage at all and […]


  • VIDEO: Chevrolet Captiva tows a tow truck

    This video shows a Chinese woman (supposedly in Shanghai) arguing with a tow truck driver, who appears to want to tow her Chevrolet Captiva away for illegally parking or some kind of offense or another. […]


  • SNL satire sketch on Detroit 3 bail-out

    American sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live did a satire skit on the Detroit 3 and their request for a federal bail-out which involved the heads of all three American auto companies on a panel […]


  • Proton Balik Kampung Community Service Message

    This is a community service message ad from Proton for the upcoming Hari Raya balik kampung season. Humour always works. Of course, let’s all not just laugh at the video, we have to actually take […]


  • Car Geek Humour #0001

    I was talking to my friend Jeremy about the new twin clutch BMW M DCT that will make it’s debut in the new BMW M3.


  • The Alfadana disease spreads!

    Oh my, it seems that Proton has infected it’s old partner Mitsubishi with the Alfadana disease. Mitsubishi’s latest Lancer bears quite a significant similarity to the sexy Alfa Romeo 159 doesn’t it? What do you […]


  • Kia Concept i Self-Build: iKIA for cars?

    Them Koreans sure have a sense of humour. Kia’s April fool’s prank was the Kia Concept i kit car, or i’KIA, an obvious parody of Swedish furniture company Ikea, which built it’s brand on the […]


  • Woman drives Mercedes Benz SL500 into river

    A woman in her late 20s driving a Mercedes Benz SL500 costing £96,000 drove her car into a ford and ended up getting washed downstream the river until a stable-owner heard her and risked her […]



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