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  • IIMS 2016: Honda NM4 Vultus maxi-scooter on show

    Reminiscent of the motorcycle ridden by character Tetsuo Shima in Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga and anime “Akira“, the Honda NM4 Vultus was spotted on Honda’s display at the Indonesia International motor show, and we took the […]


  • IIMS 2016: Big Bear Choppers Titanium on display

    Choppers, as a sub-section of the motorcycling community, ride to the beat of a different drummer. Using large-capacity V-twins, choppers have become an accepted part of the biking scene, a far cry from its days […]


  • IIMS 2016: Honda CBR500R – entry-level middleweight

    Shown at the Indonesia International motor show 2016 was the 2016 Honda CBR500R, a middle-weight sports bike offering sportsbike-styling with a power rating that is both newbie friendly, but still enough to be entertaining in […]


  • GALLERY: Hyundai Tucson customised at IIMS 2016

    Nearly five months after we received the new third-generation Hyundai Tucson, the SUV has finally been launched in Indonesia during the 2016 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS). Unlike our locally-assembled models, the Tucson sold in […]


  • IIMS 2016: Zero Motorcycles e-bikes on display

    One of the more unusual motorcycle displays at the recent 2016 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) was the Zero Motorcycles stand, where a selection from its range of e-bikes was on display. Front and centre […]


  • IIMS 2016: 2016 Yamaha Xabre 150 shown in Jakarta

    Recently launched in Bali and in the presence of Valentino Rossi, the 2016 Xabre was on prominent display on the Yamaha stand at the Indonesia International motor show 2016 (IIMS). Part of Yamaha’s three-bike 150 […]



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