Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan front render

The Mitsubishi Concept G4, which premiered at the 2013 Bangkok Motor Show, is a preview for a Thai eco car that will be sold globally. Based on the Mirage hatchback, the end result will be the booted form of the Mirage, accomplished in the same vein as how Honda spun off its Brio compact into the Brio Amaze sedan.

We’ve seen the veiled treatment the concept has given, but rendering wiz Theophilus Chin has decided to offer a view of what the productionised form of the G4 might look like.

Theo says he referred to the Mirage when he did the attach, and has removed the side skirt, front lip and the rear spoiler and has worked in a more conventional grille as well as headlamps and tail lights. Besides a new exterior colour, he’s also given the render of the Mirage sedan undarkened wheels. What do you think of the Mitsubishi Mirage sedan? Look somewhat familiar?