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A new Proton compact car will debut in the first half of 2014. Not to be confused with the upcoming C-segment Preve Hatchback, the new compact model, known in some circles as the Global Small Car, will be a smaller hatch. Expect a B-segment five-door hatchback, the final result of the Proton EMAS Concept shown at Geneva 2010, although it’s not likely to retain the Giugiaro proposal’s looks in full.

We know this because Proton launched a naming contest for the upcoming small car this afternoon at its haze shrouded COE. Called Nama Siapa Hebat (Whose name is better?), the contest invites Malaysians to contribute to the naming process of the new compact car.

The contest begins today, goes on for a month and will end on July 25. The Grand Prize winner will walk away with the Premium variant of the car he or she helped named, so there’s plenty of motivation to try your luck. The second prize is a holiday package to Langkawi plus cash, and there are other gadget prizes to be won.

“We are the national automotive car company, so it is only right this is shared together with the rest of the country and all Malaysians. It is only right that the Malaysian public share our pride and play a significant part in naming the new Proton car,” said Tan Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil, executive chairman of Proton.

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“This new compact car is extremely stylish and is targeted to those from all walks of life who love an active lifestyle, from the young to the old, to even those wishing to upgrade from a smaller vehicle,” the DRB-Hicom boss added. The last part of his statement is a hint that the new Proton compact will be bigger than Perodua’s kei-car sized Kancil and Kelisa, the smallest compacts on the road.

All Malaysians from the age of 12 are eligible to participate. Proposed names for the new car must be in Bahasa Malaysia and contain no more than six letters. The name can be a combination of alphabets and numbers (ABC123), but cannot be all numeric (123). Also, the name must not have any association with the animal kingdom, so don’t think along the lines of Kancil, Kelisa and Rusa! Of course, your entry must be supported with a rationale.

One can submit as many entries as possible, either via snail mail (contest forms are available at Proton service centres) or online at Full terms and conditions can be found on the contest website.

Click here for a recap on the Proton EMAS idea, and here for a live gallery from Geneva 2010. Below are Theophilus Chin’s renderings of a “productionised EMAS” from three years ago. Recently, a reader spotted a mysterious “giant Savvy” on test – could it be a test mule wearing Savvy skin as decoy?