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The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) will look into claims surrounding an illegal taxi service operated by Rohingya refugees, according to a report The Star. According to a survey conducted by Bernama, a group of Rohingya refugees were known to be running a “pirate taxi” service in Selayang and Rawang. Prior to this, SPAD had not received any complaints surrounding the issue.

“SPAD will investigate the matter and will take stern against those involved,” said enforcement division chief, Datuk Che Hasni Che Ahmad. The existence of such a system has affected the income of many registered taxi drivers. Operation are believed to have begun about two months ago, according to driver, Abdul Razak.

“They operate with used cars and they target those at shopping centres, hospitals and residential areas in Selayang and Rawang.” He also commented that the Rohingya refugees have abused the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) cards provided to them.

Another taxi driver, M. Thiru Moorthy, said that the illegal Rohingya taxi drivers even “snatched” customers from him. “They would even cut in while I am fetching passengers and when I say something to them, they would scold me,” he commented. He began to suspect something was amiss when he spotted the same car at taxi stations with different passengers.