• Gallery: Geneva Motor Show 2008 by Fabian Bigar

    Click to enlarge Reader Fabian Bigar was at the 78E Salon International De L’Auto & Accesoires, Geneva (otherwise more commonly known as the 2008 Geneva Motor Show) last week, and he snapped a few photos […]


  • Transport for London Awareness Test

    The Transport For London created this test to create awareness on the importance of paying attention and looking out for cyclists. Though we don’t have much cyclists here on our roads, I guess the same […]


  • Alfa Romeo Mi.To – new baby Alfa hatch

    Alfa Romeo has revealed three teaser images of their new B-segment hatchback, recently christened the Alfa Romeo Mi.To. Not Junior, not Furiosa. The name Mi.To is short for Milano and Torino (Milan and Turin), cities […]


  • Speed Racer Live Action Movie Trailer

    Here is the trailer for the upcoming Speed Racer live action movie, directed by the Wachowski brothers. The movie is set for a May 2008 debut. Speed will be played by Emile Hirsch, who played […]


  • New 2008 Honda Accord spotted in Malaysia!

    Click to enlarge These photos of three of the latest 8th generation 2008 model Honda Accords in Malaysia was snapped by Tony Yew as he was driving along the North South Highway. The new 2008 […]



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