rafidah_left.jpgAfter the weekly Cabinet meeting, reporters hounded the MITI headquarters at Jalan Duta, hoping to get comments from Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz on the current Proton vs. MITI issue.

This is what happened.

Journalists were told by the MITI officials that Rafidah would not be returning to the office today, so they might as well go back. The reporters were persistent.

Twenty minutes later, Rafidah rolls in with her Lexus 4-wheel-drive (perhaps a Lexus RX330?) and rushed in before the reporters could get her. The gates and doors were locked, and remained locked until Rafidah was safely in the lift and entered the building.

Refusing to leave without a story, the journalists lingered around her parked Lexus until 5.50pm where Rafidah finally emerged. She just flashed a smile to the journalists and said “I have nothing to say today.” Then she went home.

Poor journalists.

In related matters, Jeff Ooi has a good post here.

Source: NST via Brand New Malaysian

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