Jeff Ooi already has a very detailed coverage on the latest updates on the Proton vs. MITI saga, so I’m not going to talk much about it. More time for me to write more howtos and more about nice shiny automobiles! But I’m sure all of you would want to know the latest in this Proton/AP controversy.

Basically, Dr. M reveals some basic statistics on the distribution of APs in Malaysia, of which a majority of 54400 went to 20 particular companies, out of 67,000. The remainder 12600 went to the remaining 82 AP awardees.

Let’s do some basic math here.

54400 / 20 = 2720

This is an average of 2720 APs per company. Based on the market rate of RM35,000 per AP, this is an instant profit of 95.2 million ringgit a year on top of everything else. In Singapore, COEs are sold instead of given away, and the money goes to the government. Here, it goes into the bumiputra businessman’s pocket. I want to be bumiputra too.

Next, Dr. M responds to Rafidah saying that it was his administration which decided the ruling on 40% local content to qualify as national car. He says it did not fall under his control/decision, etc etc, haih. The same with the Naza Ria’s status as a national car.

Details here at Screenshots.

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