Our PM was quoted saying this in a report by Associated Press.

Proton is our car. We want Proton to succeed. We have been protecting Proton. The protection is being reduced gradually because that is the right thing to do. While we gradually reduce protection, Proton must improve quality and capability so that it can compete with other cars.

Looks like Proton has to find someone to buy it fast, otherwise market share will continue to drop below 45%.

The days of Proton vehicles being unnaturally much cheaper than foreign makes are over.

Even now from what I observe, Malaysians are turning to longer and longer loans so they can afford non-Protons. They do not care if they pay an additional 2-3 years longer than the usual 5 year loans people take. They don’t want to suffer with low quality Protons anymore.

Mahaleel has spoken, Dr. M has spoken, and now the PM has spoken. Now the ball’s in Rafidah’s park.

Somehow I think we should not be too happy about this. I don’t think we are going to get cheaper cars in the end. I have a really bad feeling that foreign CKDs will still be as expensive as they are now, just that Proton is going to be more expensive. Sigh. Really, nothing for us to be happy about.

Full story here.

Source: Associated Press, via Yahoo News.

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