A piece from the long transcript at a press conference with Tun Dr. Mahathir, Proton’s advisor.

Proton is protected simply because Proton has a job to do to build up the automotive and engineering capability of Malaysia. And to do that Proton will have to put up with higher prices, with poor quality. Proton had to go and ensure that these factories are capable to help them to improve the quality of their products. All these things cost money to Proton.

But if Proton is not to be protected, then Proton should not be asked to carry the burden of these vendors – manufacturers of components. It is not a subsidy for Proton but a subsidy to these vendors. Proton doesn’t mind if the subsidies are is taken away. If Proton is not asked to support the vendors, I am quite sure that If Proton does not support the vendors most of them would go out of business.

Mack Zulfikli dissects it. Read more at Brand New Malaysian.

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