More updates on the Proton CEO issue. Tengku Mahaleel’s contract was not renewed because he did not agree to the new two-year contract the board presented them with.

He felt the terms was inferior to the ones he had presently.

Dr Mahathir:

Apparently there was no willingness to consider (Tengku) Mahaleel’s views so he refused to sign and the board decided not to renew his contract.

He also said Tengku Mahaleel’s ability to run Proton was cramped after he had been demoted to ordinary director whereas the chairmanship of these subsidiaries were assumed by the chairman of the holding company, Datuk Azlan Hashim.

Hmm… give him terms he would not agree to so they could get Mahaleel to effectively kick himself out of the board so they would not have to do it themselves. The oldest trick in the book!

Source: Bernama, The Edge Daily