Here are shots of the Sedan and Coupe version of the 2006 Honda Civic which I’ve covered previously.

This back design seems to be an evolution of the current Honda City back.

The sedan seems to have become rather Altis-ish. It has the fat body of an Accord, but with a shorter wheel base. And with that white paint, somehow it rather resembles a fat marshmallow to me. Not as sleek as the coupe and hatch models.

The top-end Civic will have a 200-hp K20 4-cylinder engine. This will power the Civic Si and the CRX. Yup, you heard that right. Honda is making a CRX version. Aren’t you rex fans happy?

The K20 i-VTEC will have 16-valves operated by a twin camshaft valvetrain. The K20 will be mated to a six-speed manual, with a LSD differential. Revs go all the way up to 8000rpm.

More spyshots here and here, with clearer views of the front and side of the vehicle.