• 2008 Kia Sidewinder

    Kia’s Sidewider concept shown at the Los Angelow Motor Show had originally been a concept vehicle powered by a natural gas turbine, and electric motors in each wheel.


  • Hyundai and Kia to get new vehicle styling

    Hyundai and Kia designs have always been a ‘rojak’ patchwork of other car designs and they know it, and admit it. We have the new Sonata looking like an Accord, and the previous generation Sonata […]


  • Jeremy Clarkson annihilates the Perodua Kelisa

    Jeremy Clarkson shows his frustration on companies that seem to take make cars as a pure for-profit matter… perhaps you could call it cars with no ‘spirit’ or ‘passion’. The victim – our very own […]


  • Chevrolet T2X Concept

    GM Daewoo Design Center has been rolling out nice vehicles lately, like the Chevrolet S3X SUV Concept. They’ve also recently developed a crossover SUV-coupe vehicle called the Chevrolet T2X concept.


  • Volkswagen EcoRacer first on road test

    Volkswagen’s EcoRacer was taken to the race tracks for a spin by 34 motor journalists from 9 countries. The journalists covered 1200km over 3 days at a racetrack in Pau, South of France.


  • 2006 Nissan URGE Concept

    This is Nissan’s URGE Concept, developed by Nissan’s US design studio in La Jolla, California. The URGE Concept’s styling is supposed to be inspired by motorcycles. The concept car is powered by a small-displacement, high-revving […]


  • Prodrive P2 Concept

    Prodrive is a racing and engineering establishment based in Banbury, UK. It designs, constructs and races cars such as Subarus, Aston Martin, and BAR. It also does engineering consultation and design for car manufacturers. I’m […]


  • 2008 Mercedes Benz C-Class

    [ UPDATE : The New 2007 Mercedes Benz C-Class (W204) has been unveiled! Click here for details. ] The Mercedes Benz C-class has always been designed something like a small version of the current generation […]


  • 2006 Nissan 350Z Facelift

    Nissan has launched a facelift of it’s flagship sports car, the Nissan 350Z. It’s not just a facelift though, the new engine comes with some re-engineering that gives it a little more power and a […]



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