small_bmw_logo.jpgBMW Group Malaysia has released new prices for it’s cars according to the new tax structure that comes with the National Automotive Policy. BMW says prices have dropped across the whole model range, but from the price list I can see prices of models like the BMW M5 have actually gone up, although by only RM10,000 a small fraction of the car’s near million ringgit price tag. Other models which have gone up are cars like the 6-series.

Update: I’ve added another column with CIF prices excluding tax if available. Please read if you’re a masochist and somehow want to feel the pain of being ripped off. Also note that some CBU models being sold by BMW are not present on the CBU Gazetted Pricelist. What does the Customs do in such situations?

Model Assembly Old Price New Price CIF without tax
BMW 116i CBU RM178,800 RM168,000 RM68,941
BMW 118i CBU RM199,900 RM199,900 RM76,588
BMW 120i CBU RM248,080 RM222,000 RM83,834
BMW 320i CBU RM279,800 RM249,800 RM91,545
BMW 325i CBU RM327,800 RM298,800 RM106,629
BMW 330i CBU RM438,800 RM408,000 RM121,614
BMW 523i CKD RM358,800 RM343,000
BMW 525i CKD RM422,800 RM398,000
BMW 530i CKD RM472,800 RM438,000
BMW 525d CBU RM449,618 RM388,000 RM148,148
BMW 530d CBU RM579,980 RM438,000 RM169,432
BMW 545i CBU RM659,121 RM598,000 RM161,359
BMW M5 CBU RM938,000 RM948,000 RM239,125
BMW X3 2.0d CBU RM308,188 RM288,000
BMW X3 2.5i CBU RM378,480 RM308,000 RM129,483
BMW X3 3.0i CBU RM441,638 RM368,000 RM138,098
BMW X5 3.0i CBU RM518,868 RM488,000 RM161,499
BMW X5 3.0d CBU RM534,528 RM498,000 RM166,096
BMW X5 4.4i CBU RM788,018 RM618,000 RM265,644
BMW Z4 2.5i CBU RM439,748 RM388,000 RM131,686
BMW 630i CBU RM696,897 RM698,000 RM189,444
BMW M6 CBU RM1,000,000
BMW 730Li CBU RM665,888 RM648,000 RM197,514
BMW 740Li CBU RM848,800 RM848,000 RM225,505
BMW 750Li CBU RM998,888 RM968,000 RM242,088

Some models were missing from the new pricelist, like the BMW Z3 3.0i and the BMW X5 4.8si. And even though some models have had very small price hikes, the price drops are HUGE for the other models.

Most of us can continue selling our souls and toiling to pay close to RM1000 each month for a Proton Gen2 or Waja when we earn just above RM2000 ringgit. National Automotive Policy? Cheaper cars? What cheaper cars? *looks around* If you combine the effects of the the insignificant price cuts and the higher interest rates for National makes, the average rakyat who can only afford a National make is actually going to have to fork out more for a decent car.

P/S: Don’t know what CBU and CKD means? Check out the Car Jargon page.