AutoBild’s photoshoppers seem to have gotten really busy lately, with tons of artist impressions of future German cars being churned out. Their latest are artist impressions of the Audi Q3, and the Audi Q5. More details after the jump.


The Audi Q3 is based on the same platform as the Volkswagen Golf SUV. These artist impressions show the Audi Q3 to be a two-door compact SUV. Audi is a relative late-comer into the compact car industry, with previous attempts like the Audi A2 considered a failure. Audi’s sister company in the VW Group – Seat will also be producing a variant of this compact SUV based on the same chassis.


The Audi Q5 will be based on a raised Audi A4 chassis, and will go into direct competition with the BMW X3. These computer impressions seem to have taken design cues from the Audi Shooting Brake concept as that concept is after all a looking glass into the future of Audi design cues.