Mercedes-Benz has officially revealed the new Mercedes Benz CL-class luxury coupe. The CL-class is a two-door coupe based on the Mercedes Benz S-class, and you know the world is starting to get ridiculous when I have to specifically say a coupe is two-door in order not to confuse it with “four-door coupes” like the Mercedes Benz CLS. More details after the jump.


The Mercedes Benz CL-class is essentially the Mercedes Benz S-class’ technical twin, being based on the same platform and even sharing similiar design cues. The Mercedes Benz CL-class is Mercedes Benz’s largest coupe, and it comes with two engines. The CL500 comes with a normally aspirated 5.5 litre V8 making 388hp at 6,000rpm and 530Nm of torque between 2,800-4,800rpm. This is mated to a Mercedes Benz 7G-Tronic transmission, which features 7 forward gears (two of them are overdrive) and a one reverse gear.

For the CL500, 0-100km/h takes 5.4 seconds and its’ top speed is 250km/h. The top of the range CL600 has a slightly larger 5.5 litre V12 (5513cc as compared to the V8’s 5461cc), but as it is twin-turbocharged, it makes 517hp at 5,000rpm and an amazing 830Nm of torque from as low as 1,900rpm to 3,500rpm. The V12 twin turbo only has a 5-speed auto instead of the 7-speed in the V8. 0-100km/h acceleration for the V12 is 4.6 seconds, and it’s top speed is an electronically limited 250km/h as well.

The monster coupe is heavy, with it’s kerb weight including 75kg for driver and luggage standing at a massive 1995kg for the V8 and 2185kg for the V12. Not suprising considering it’s size – it’s slightly over 5 meters long. The Mercedes Benz CL class has a fuel tank capacity of 90 litres, that would cost you RM172.80 to refill according to the current RM1.92 for RON97 fuel rates.


If you notice, there is no B-pillar interrupting the sleek curve of the side profile’s window into the interior. As expected from it’s luxury status, you get a very classy interior which looks like an entire forest had been chopped down for it. Leather is also everywhere, so you can assume a whole herd of cows went the same way as well. The hand brake lever and gear shift are not in traditional places, leaving the center console area free and simple. Parking brake is operated via a foot pedal instead, and you shift gears from a little stalk behind the steering wheel. The center console extends in a single unit all the way to the rear, just like the CLS, making this a 4-seater instead of a 5-seater. Hidden in the center console is a telephone handset.

Expect Brabus to do a whacked out monster-engined super coupe version of the CL-class soon, as it did with the E-class and the CLS-class. Mercedes Benz also has a CL55 AMG with a 5.5 litre 493hp supercharged V8 up it’s sleeves, as well as a CL65 AMG with a 6.0 litre twin-turbo V12 making 604hp.

Prices (US market):

Mercedes Benz CL500 – US$ 96,275 (RM 351,788.45)
Mercedes Benz CL600 – US$ 130,275 (RM 476,024.30)
Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG – US$ 121,275 (RM 443,138.34)
Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG – US$ 180,375 (RM 659,089.50)