Volvo and Ford are developing their own version of a dual clutch gearbox, following the footsteps of Porsche and Mitsubishi who are executing similiar plans. Mitsubishi’s upcoming successor to the Evolution line of rally turned tarmac monsters – the Evolution X, will feature a twin clutch automated gearbox, and Porsche has recently filed patents for their 7-speed dual clutch gearbox design.

If all goes through, we’ll see versions of the Ford Focus ST and high performance Volvo C30 hatches with 2.5 litre inline-5 turbocharged engines and dual clutch gearboxes. Click here for a video on DSG gearboxes, where a Volkswagen Golf GTI 6-speed manual goes against it’s DSG brother. DSG has worked so well for Volkswagen that they are going to phase out conventional torque converter automatics for a pure DSG automatic line-up across the range.

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