DaimlerChrysler AG has released photos of the new 4-door cabriolet concept based on the Mercedes Benz S-class. Called the Concept Ocean Drive, DaimlerChrysler says it is an open invitation to go on a “topless” cruise along the world’s finest ocean promenades. I can really see where they’re coming from here, cruising by the seaside in a topless car would be truly a nice experience, but what makes the Concept Ocean Drive extra ocean friendly? Not sure really.

While based on an S-class, the car’s side profile has no B-pillar or window frames, ensuring seamless continuity between the exterior and the interior even when the top is up. The design study is based on the V12 Mercedes-Benz S600 with a long wheelbase chassis. The car also incorporates something Mercedes Benz calls AIRSCARF, a neck-level heating system, which is featured on all four seats, allowing occupants to enjoy top-down motoring even in the colder months of the year.

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