spinner_150_150.jpgThe city of New York has introduced a bill (S.B. 1640) to ban spinner hubcaps in the city. The S.B. 1640 bill calls for a fine of US$750 for the third violation onwards – two warnings will be given. The bill is currently being considered for inclusion in the state legislature.

I’m not sure why the ban though, unless some statesman thinks they’re too distracting to drivers or something. Or perhaps it’s too confusing, as the wheels look like they are spinning even though the car is stopped, so people might be unsure whether a car is moving or not… hmm? Or perhaps kids would get their fingers chopped off if they accidentally stick their finger into the spinners out of curiosity. Spinners are allowed under US Federal Law, so it’s kinda weird for one state to ban them.

The most awesome spinners I’ve seen? Dub Pimp Star Wheels.