This is Kia’s new KND-4 Concept SUV which was unveiled today at the Seoul International Motor Show in South Korea. Although just a concept at the moment, this could give us an insight as to how future KIA compact SUVs like the Kia Sportage might look like. It was conceptualised and created at Kia’s Namyang Design Centre.

The Kia KND-4 Concept SUV is done up in Luminous Green, and has a 3-door body. The 3-door SUV bodystyle kind of reminds me of Honda’s old Honda HR-V. It features LED headlights, and flared wheelarches give it a muscular and sporty look. These wheelarches house large 20 inch wheels wrapped with 245/40/R20 low-profile tyres. Further dynamic styling cues include a sweeping C-pillar, a full-width rear screen, and a glasshouse-like cabin profile.

On the interior, you have 4 seats, a norm for coupe-like cars these days. You might call this a coupe-crossover-SUV. Kia has chose IT as the theme for the interior, putting in advanced technology such as AMOLED (Active-Matrix, Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays which are basically an ultra-high contrast, ultra-thin screen, with an ultra-wide viewing angle. There is also Bluetooth connectivity, plus a Blue-ray high-density optical drive, and a built in hard drive for the audio player.

In the engine bay is a 2.2 litre Variable Geometry Turbocharger, driving power to all 4 wheels using Kia’s new Active Torque Transfer (ATT) system system, which works pretty much like any new advanced AWD system, transferring torque to either 4 wheels automatically to suit traction conditions.

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