kartvaderSome of you may have heard of Ghost Rider. No, not the comic book one, but motorcycle stunt rider Patrik Furstenhoff, who rose to infamy with his high speed journeys through cities like Stockholm where he is based. Stuff he does includes weaving through traffic at 300km/h. There’s also another dude who drove different cars through a city with a similar pace, called Getaway in Stockholm. However, that was done mostly at night with not much cars on the road.

But what about a Go-Kart? Kart Vader drives his 125cc shifter go-kart through Quebec City in Canada in the middle of the night, through both streets and highways, at speeds up to 160km/h. In a go kart! He’s selling DVDs of his 44 minute journey online. He has a free teaser trailer available though, and I’ve put it up after the jump.