New models coming up from BMW – a 123d, an X5 3.0sd, as well as a revised BMW M5 with more power! The 123d is an entry-level 1-Series that will get BMW’s new inline-4 2.0 litre twin turbodiesel that has yet to be slotted into any cars yet. If you’ve missed reading about it, do check it out via the links in the related posts below.

The E70 BMW X5 will also get a more powerful diesel variant, and no prizes for guessing which engine will supply that power – the award winning 3.0 litre twin turbodiesel that first appeared in the 535d. The BMW X5 3.0sd will likely put out similar power figures to the 535d, 335d, and X3 3.0sd – 286 horsepower and 580Nm of torque. This same engine will also find it’s way into a 635d, spied recently on test runs.

In the high performance category, the M5 and M6 are expected to get power upgrades to somewhere around 530 horsepower, and there are also rumours of an upcoming BMW M10 sports car, something we’ve referred to as the Z9 or Z10 previously.


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