The Mitsubishi i MiEV SPORT is based on the previous i MiEV Concept research vehicle, though the two cars look quite different from each other. The i MiEV SPORT Concept features Mitsubishi’s unique in-wheel motors and S-AWC all-wheel drive.

The MiEV system’s lithium-ion battery is installed in the lowest area under the floor, and in place of the rear engine in the standard combustion engine Mitsubishi i, you have your motor and inverter arranged underneath the luggage compartment. This arrangement provides an optimal weight balance and a low center of gravity.

Three motors – one in-wheel motor in each front wheel (27 horsepower, 250Nm torque) and another for the rear wheels (63 horsepower and 180Nm of torque) – together from an E-4WD system which electronically optimizes output to each motor. Electric Active Yaw Control (E-AYC) regulates torque between the left and right rear wheels, thus resulting in power to all four wheels being variable.

The i MiEV SPORT will be unveiled at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show in October this year.