Burned Audi RS8 Prototype

Some of you who follow the development of the automotive industry through foreign sites may remember a photo of an Audi R8 burned to the ground on the Nurburgring sometime earlier this year. Now, Quattro GmbH director Wener Frowein reveals what happened in an interview with Dutch news site Nieuws.nl:

The burned Audi R8 was a prototype of the Audi RS8, the high performance version of the Audi R8 – not like the car isn’t already a scorcher to begin with. In the engine bay was a 580 PS twin-turbocharged V10 from the Audi RS6. Because of the mid-engine layout, the monster twin-blown V10 had cooling problems – this resulted in a total of 3 prototypes sharing the same fiery fate.

Hat tip to Geert Pick for the pointer.

Source, Translated